Who wrote and who keeps Regional Dermatology up-to-date?

Gary White, MD

Who is Gary White, MD?

Dr. Gary White is a 55-year-old board-certified dermatologist who lives and works in San Diego, California. He has been practicing dermatology for 26 years. He received his physics degree from the University of California, San Diego (Valedictorian) and went to Washington University Medical School in St. Louis (AOA). He completed his dermatology residency at University of California, Irvine. He spent a year on faculty at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Dept. of Dermatology doing research, teaching, and seeing patients. He since has since moved to San Diego where he treats patients full time.

He has authored and/or co-authored four dermatology Color Atlases, one of them being Regional Dermatology. He has lectured all over the country on a wide range of dermatologic topics.

When was Regional Dermatology first published?

Regional Dermatology was first published as a Color Atlas/Textbook in 1994. It has since gone out of print. This online edition is the first major revision of that work.

How does the online edition differ from the initial book?

Dr. White has attempted to keep the organization, philosophy, and approach the same. However the text has been brought up-to-date and is constantly being updated. In addition, given the greater space available on the web, a few more pictures have been added.

May I use any of the images in a presentation or publication?

See Use of Images.

What is the purpose of the Reference section?

An attempt has been made to include in the reference section online scholarly articles with good color pictures. If any person or organization objects to how I have linked to their website, please do not hesitate to let me know at


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