By Gary M. White, MD

Vulvovaginitis in prepubertal girls has been reported to occur secondary to a variety of causes including inadequate protective mechanisms, poor perineal hygiene, the presence of foreign bodies within the genitalia, sexual abuse, infection, and constipation [JAAD 2000;43;718]. Group A beta hemolytic Streptococcus may be cultured [PD 1993;10;366].

Young girls may develop vulvar pruritus just from poor hygiene. Children may rush bathroom visits and not wipe properly. An irritant dermatitis with inflammation and itching results.


There may be inflammation, redness, and itching.


Treatment for poor hygiene includes education, loose-fitting cotton underwear, and daily baths to make sure the genitalia are properly cleansed. A mild topical steroid may be prescribed.


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