tufted folliculitis

Multiple (tufted) hairs emanate from the same opening in tufted folliculitis. This condition does not appear to be one entity, but one finding that may occur in several inflammatory alopecias, e.g. lichen planopilaris, chronic Staphylococcal infection of the scalp, dissecting cellulitis, acne keloidalis nuchae and pemphigus vulgaris [JAAD 1999;41;112]. The hair becomes grouped through scarring and contraction.


Multiple hairs are seen to emanate from one opening.


The underlying cause should be sought and treated. If there is just inflammation and no obvious cause, a topical steroid may be given.

Additional Pictures

Tufted folliculitis occurring in acne keloidalis nuchae.
tufted folliculitis tufted folliculitis


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