By Gary M. White, MD

Multiple trichoepitheliomas

The trichoepithelioma is an adnexal tumor of pilar differentiation.


Multiple, symmetric, flesh-colored papules characteristically along the nasolabial folds and upper lip with onset in the teens is characteristic. Lesions on the ear and forehead also occur. Linear or dermatomal trichoepitheliomas have been described. Rarely, BCC may develop amongst multiple trichoepitheliomas [JAAD 1993;28;322].


No treatment is needed, however for cosmetic reasons, both the CO2 laser and dermabrasion have been employed.

Additional Pictures

Multiple trichoepitheliomas

Photograph courtesy Michael O Murphy, MD
Multiple trichoepitheliomas


Rare unilateral nevoid trichoepitheliomas. Dermatology Online Journal 21;11


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