eruptive syringomas

Syringomas are benign adnexal tumors derived from sweat glands. Usually, they occur as several papular lesions below the eyes. Rarely, they can occur more diffusely. When that occurs, the term eruptive syringomas is used. See also syringomas of the groin.


The eruption of hundreds of tiny 1-2 mm flesh-colored to red-brown papules on the neck, chest and arms in a child or young adult is characteristic of this variant of syringomas. Syringomas may occur on the vulva as well. The association between syringomas and Down syndrome is seen in this variant. Familial cases may occur. Syringomas may rarely occur segmentally or in a linear fashion.


No reliable treatment is known. Isotretinoin has been tried with variable success. Topical tretinoin 0.1% cream Qday over 4 months produced flattening in one patient.

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eruptive syringomas eruptive syringomas


Rarely, they may occur in the axilla. Indian Dermatol Online J 2015;6:376-7


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