By Gary M. White, MD


The syringoma is a benign adnexal tumor of the eccrine sweat duct that most commonly occurs below the eyes. It may, however, occur as disseminated lesions or in other locations, e.g., penis or vulva.


Multiple flesh-colored papules on the lower eyelids and upper cheek are characteristic. They may also be distributed diffusely on the face, diffusely on the body, or present as a solitary lesion. Unilateral, multiple, and plaque-like syringomas have been described [BJD 1996;135;623].


No treatment is usually necessary. The scarring from treatment may be worse than the appearance of the lesions. Electrosurgery and the CO2 laser have been used. Some have recommended that with a hot wire tip, just touch the lesion, followed by a curette.

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syringoma syringoma


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