Solar Elastosis

Solar elastosis is caused by chronic UV exposure. A yellowish honeycomb pattern is common, especially on the forehead. A histologic study showed increased elastosis in patients who smoked compared to those who did not [JAAD 1999;41;23].

The cause is abnormal and increased elastic fibers.   One study showed that the presence of solar elastosis was protective for the development of BCC.


Nearly confluent yellow discoloration of the skin of the forehead, scalp and/or cheeks is typical. Fair-skinned older patients with years of chronic sun exposure are preferentially affected. Areas absent the yellowish color correspond to hair follicles. Nodules may develop--so called nodular elastosis (see picture below).


Sun protection to prevent further skin damage is needed. Smokers should quit. Topical tretinoin can improve the appearance of the skin. See photodamage.

Additional Photos

Solar Elastosis

Rarely, larger nodules of elastosis may form.
Nodular Elastosis Nodular Elastosis

Nodular Elastosis

A solitary elastoma of the upper lip.
A solitary elastoma of the upper lip


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