By Gary M. White, MD

sclerederma diabeticorum

Sclerederma diabeticorum (SD) is the firm, non-pitting edema of the upper back, often in the shape of an inverted triangle, in a middle-aged, obese, long-standing diabetic. The posterior neck may also be affected.


No treatment is necessary. Better control of the diabetes is always recommended, but is not clear to have an effect. Cream PUVA resulted in marked improvement in one patient. Methotrexate 15 mg subcutaneously over 3 months improved the condition in 5 patients [Balkan Med J. 2012 Jun; 29(2): 218–221]. The cream used (0.001% 8-MOP in a water-in-oil emulsion) was applied one hour before light exposure, and the entire process was performed 4 times per week.

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sclerederma diabeticorum


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