By Gary M. White, MD


Rhinophyma is the excessive enlargement of the nose, often associated with rosacea.


The nose is enlarged, often with nodular protuberances.


Surgery can correct moderate to severe cases, but some scarring is expected. A hot wire loop, the CO2 laser, the Shaw scalpel, and electrosurgery have all been used. The "subunit surgical approach" in which the skin is peeled back, phymatous tissue is debulked, and cartilage repair is performed (if necessary) should be considered if 1) cartilage modification is required, 2) secondary healing is contraindicated, or 3) partial excisional techniques have failed to achieve satisfactory nasal contour [JAAD 2016;74;1276].

Nasal tissue removed to correct rhinophyma should be evaluated for basal cell carcinoma. Recurrence post surgery is more likely in severe cases.

Additional Pictures

Rhinophyma Rhinophyma Rhinophyma


A 41-year old woman presented growth and redness of the chin two years ago--Gnatophyma An Bras Dermatol. 2012 Nov-Dec; 87(6): 903–905.


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