recurrent nevus

The recurrent nevus is the return of a nevus after only partial surgical removal--usually via a shave biopsy. The recurrent nevus commonly has atypical clinical and histologic features. The key point here is to distinguish it from a melanoma. Just because the pathology of the partial removal was benign does not mean that the current lesion is not malignant--either through evolution or because of initial sampling error.


Usually, there is a white circular scar a pigmented lesion in the center. The pigmentation is often irregular in shape or color.


A complete excision should be done.

Additional Pictures

The dark pigment is the recurrent nevus. The lighter brown background is a Monsel's tattoo.
recurrent nevus within a Monsel's tattoo

recurrent nevus

This pigmented lesion was NOT a recurrent nevus. Instead, it was a melanoma in situ occurring in a previously shave-biopsied nevus.
Melanoma in situ occurring in a previously shave-biopsied nevus.


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