By Gary M. White, MD


Meralgia Paresthetica. Alopecia and decreased sensation in the distribution of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (anterolateral surface of the thigh) is characteristic. For a picture, see Int J Sports Phys Ther. Dec 2013; 8(6): 883–893



Hyperkeratotic Papules

Keratosis Pilaris. Common on the anterior thigh of a teenager.
Keratosis Pilaris

Nodules, Inflammatory

Cold Panniculitis. Subcutaneous tender nodules often with a cyanotic discoloration on the superior lateral thigh of a woman appearing within hours of cold exposure is characteristic of cold panniculitis in adults. It typically occurs after prolonged activity in the cold outdoors, e.g., horseback riding, sledding or motorcycle riding. For a picture, see Dermatology Online Journal 21(1)

Pressure Sore/Ulcer. A chronic red, inflamed area overlying the bone of the hip may occur in the elderly from chronic pressure during sleep.
pressure sore on the hip


Meralgia Paresthetica. See above.


Bacterial Folliculitis. Multiple, tender red papules and pustules are seen.


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