By Gary M. White, MD


Biopsy Technique on Glans


Lichen Planus, Penis
Lichen Planus of the Penis

Circinate Balanitis (for a picture, see Dermatology Online Journal 14(12))


Median Raphe Cyst Courtesy O. Dale Collins, MD
Median Raphe Cyst


Double Penis. For a picture, see DiphalicDude or Double Dick Dude @DiphallicDude


Allergic Contact Dermatitis to poison Ivy/Oak transferred from hands during urination.
Allergic Contact Dermatitis on the Penis

Saxophone Penis. The swollen penis may take on the appearance of a saxophone. This may occur in various conditions including allergic contact dermatitis (shown here) and angioedema.
Saxophone Penis

Chronic Penile Lymphedema

Occasionally, a young vigorous male may develop transient penile swelling from vigorous sexual intercourse.

Saxophone Penis. Acute swelling of the penis may cause it to appear like a saxophone. This is most commonly a result of allergic contact dermatitis from Rhus, but may also occur in the setting of hereditary angioedema as shown here. For a picture, see Indian Dermatol Online J 2015;6:462-3.

Sclerosing lipogranuloma secondary to paraffin injections for augmentation of the penis. For a picture, see JAAD January 2011;Volume 64, Issue 1, Pages 1–34.

Lymphedema, e.g., from surgery, malignancy blocking lymphatics, filariasis.


Herpes Simplex. Courtesy Michael O. Murphy, MD
Herpes Simplex of the Penis

Balanitis/Intertrigo. This inflammation and erosion healed completely with triamcinolone ointment BID x 2 weeks.
Balanitis or intertrigo of the penis


Squamous Cell Carcinoma/Verrucous Carcinoma

Linear Cord

Coronal Sulcus Lymphangitis
Coronal Sulcus Lymphangitis


Verrucous Carcinoma
Verrucous Carcinoma of the Penis

Metastatic Disease. Metastatic prostate cancer, courtesy UCSD
Metastatic Prostate Cancer


Condyloma Acuminata
Condyloma Acuminata

Basal Cell Carcinoma. It is rare indeed for BCC to occur on the penis. When it does, it usually occurs on the shaft in older men, has been present for more than a year, and is successfully treated with excision. Cutis 1998;61;25

Bowenoid Papulosis

Tyson's Glands
Tyson's Glands

Granuloma Annulare

Pearly Penile Papules
Pearly Penile Papules

Scabies. If the patient is itchy all over and there is a rash or red bumps on the penis, think scabies.
Scabies on the Penis

Syringomas of the Penis


Penile Melanosis
Penile Melanosis

Bannayan Riley Ruvalcaba Syndrome
picture here


Balanitis and Candida Balanitis
Balanitis and Candida Balanitis

Erythroplasia Of Queyrat. Squamous cell carcinoma in situ of the penis.
Erythroplasia Of Queyrat or Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Situ of the Penis

Fixed Drug Eruption. The glans penis is a characteristic site for the acutely inflamed round or oval plaque of a FDE.
Fixed Drug Eruption of the Penis

Zoon's Balanitis
Zoon's Balanitis

Red, Scaly

Psoriasis of the Penis

Balanitis (see above)

Pseudoepitheliomatous, Keratotic, and Micaceous Balanitis
Pseudoepitheliomatous, Keratotic, and Micaceous Balanitis

Penile Ulcer

see Penile Ulcer
Penile Ulcer


Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis involving the penis. For a picture, see JAAD Case Reports September 2015 Volume 1, Issue 5, Pages 277–279.


Herpes Genitalis
Herpes genitalis


Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans. White, along with thickness, contraction, and scarring.
Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans

Vitiligo. Color change only.

Hypertrophic Lichen Planus
Hypertrophic lichen planus of the penis

Smegma and Smegma Pearls. Smegma is a collection of secretions and shed skin cells that may accumulate under the foreskin. It is asymptomatic and normal. Sometimes it is confused with candidiasis. Smegma pearls are white balls that may form on the penis of uncircumcised boys.


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