By Gary M. White, MD


Lipodystrophia Centrifugalis Abdominalis Infantilis
Lipodystrophia centrifugalis abdominalis infantilis


Hirsutism may be broadly defined as excessive terminal hair, in a woman, in the androgen-sensitive areas, e.g., upper lip, cheeks, chin, breasts and lower abdomen.


Linea nigra is a pigmented stripe that runs vertically along the midline of a pregnant woman's abdomen. Linea nigra

Striae Distensae
Stretch Marks

Ostomy Site

Peristomal Skin Changes. Here, pyoderma gangrenosum.
pyoderma gangrenosum at an ostomy site


Accessory Nipple. Congenital brown papule or papules along the milk line.
Accessory nipple

Seborrheic Keratosis. "Barnacles on the ship of life."
Seborrheic keratosis


Grover's Disease. Crusted red papulovesicles. A combination of eczema and a heat rash. Does the patient sweat a lot?
Grover's disease


Linea Nigra (see above).


Bacterial Folliculitis
Bacterial folliculitis

Hot Tub Folliculitis. Multiple inflammatory papules and pustules on the trunk of a patient who has recently been in a hot tub.
Hot Tub Folliculitis


Costal Fringe. An arcade of telangiectasias on the trunk often near the costal margin but also elsewhere on the trunk is characteristic of this benign skin change of the elderly.
Telangiectasias: Costal Fringe


Capillary Hemangiomas. Most adults over 30 have one or more red vascular "blood blisters" on the trunk. Capillary hemangiomas

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