By Gary M. White, MD

See also radiation therapy.


Hypopigmentation and alopecia after treating a BCC.
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Absence Of Drug Rash

Failure of drug rash to appear at a prior radiation port site [AD 1981;117;810].


Acne in a 47-year-old woman in the radiation port of treated breast cancer [Dermatology Online Journal] .

Bullous Diseases

Pemphigus Vulgaris, bullous pemphigoid, pemphigus foliaceous, bullous LE or acquired epidermaolysis bullosa) may rarely develop in the radiation port. Approximately half of the cases involve breast cancer. Most patients initially develop blisters in the radiation port. A significant number go on to develop disseminated blisters.

A case of pemphigus foliaceus aggravated in an irradiated area by radiotherapy against breast cancer. Indian J Dermatol 2015;60:93-4

Bullous Pemphigoid [Dermatology Online Journal 2016(1)]

Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis

[AD 124;185]


This nose was treated with XRT for a BCC. That was successful, but comedones formed post treatment, ala Favre-Racouchot.
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Steroid folliculitis sparing the radiation port.
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The term pseudorecidive KA has been applied to granulomatous, wart-like, or KA-like epithelial changes in the radiation port developing over days to weeks usually as the initial radiation reaction is subsiding [JAAD 1994;30;6].

Keratotic Papules

[AD 124;855]

Lichen Planus

[JAAD 2002;46;604–605]

Lichen Sclerosus Et Atrophicus

JAMA Derm 2017;153;1067.

Lymphangioma after Radiation Therapy

Benign lymphangiomas may occur after radiation therapy following surgery for a variety of tumors, but especially breast cancer.
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Morphea following XRT occurs rarely and is usually confined to the XRT port [BJD 1989;120;831 and BJD 1992;127(sup 40);70].


One study reports two cases in which dermatophytic infection developed almost entirely within a radiation field mimicking an acute radiation effect [J. Am. Acad. Dermatol Dec 1988;19:6].


A 58-year-old woman who, 9 months after completing therapy for breast cancer, developed depigmentation on the left chest wall congruent with area of radiation delivery. [Case Rep Med. 2013; 2013: 345473].


Radiation Port Wart. A 42-year-old woman who received radiotherapy for invasive breast carcinoma developed multiple, scaly, rough papules and nodules restricted to treatment fields six months after completion of the treatment. [Journal of the National Medical Association July 2006;98;1193]. Treatment would be as with any other wart, although one might theorize that imiquimod might be less effective if the immune response was less robust in the radiation port.


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