By Gary M. White, MD

This page deals with true halos where the white halo is caused by loss of melanin (skin pigment) or blood. For a similar morphology, see target.

Halo from Loss of Pigment

Cafe au lait macules: Cafe au lait macules with halos have been reported in patients with neurofibromatosis. [AD 1992;128;957]

Basal cell carcinoma [AD 1980;116;352]

Blue Nevus

Congenital nevus
picture here

Giant congenital nevus [Derm 1992;185;140 (CP)]

Halo Melanoma Note how irregular the halo is here, in comparison to a halo nevus (below).
picture here

Halo nevus Note how round/oval and regular the white area is.
picture here


Spitz nevus [Am J Dermatopath 1995;17;484]

Halo from decreased blood

Halo angioma. In the case of an angioma, the halo is usually caused by a relative paucity of blood.
picture here

picture here

Eruptive Pseudoangiomatosis
picture here


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