Note: There are a vast majority of cutaneous abnormalities that may be congenital. Many of them occur in preferred sites, e.g. on the mid face for nasal glioma. This file ignores those and instead tries to present lesions that may occur in any part of the body.

Pigmented Patch/Plaque

Congenital Nevi
picture here

Cafe Au Lait Macule

Becker's Nevus

Nevus Spilus

Phacomatosis Pigmentovascularis

Cutis Tricolor


Congenital Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans.
Rhabdomyomatous mesenchymal hamartoma
picture here

Fibrous Hamartoma of Infancy
Smooth-muscle Hamartoma


See Vascular, Newborn

White Spot

Nevus Depigmentosus
picture here


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