pseudocyst of the auricle

The pseudocyst of the auricle is not a true cyst as it does not have a true cyst wall.


A non-tender, firm, intracartilaginous cystic lesion of the ear is characteristic. It may be preceded by trauma as occurred in two boys after ear pulling for their birthday. It also may be associated with atopic dermatitis. Drainage yields a thick, viscous fluid. All ages including infants may be affected.


Biopsy for diagnosis and drainage may be sufficient. Creating a small window (e.g. with 2 mm punch biopsy) may aid in preventing recurrence. Several other successful approaches to therapy have been reported. After drainage, a sclerosing agent (e.g. 1% iodine or trichloroacetic acid) may be instilled and bolstering sutures placed. Alternatively, the anterior cartilaginous wall may be removed. Simple aspiration usually leads to recurrence.

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pseudocyst of the auricle pseudocyst of the auricle

pseudocyst of the auricle

pseudocyst of the auricle


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