By Gary M. White, MD

Pediculosis corporis.  multiple eggs and one organism on clothing

Pediculosis corporis represents an infestation of the patient's clothes by the louse Pediculosis humanis.

This louse lives on the clothes and descends onto the skin to feed. This condition only affects those without the resources to bath and wash their clothes regularly.


The patient usually presents with generalized itching. Examination of the skin shows crusting, dried blood and excoriations. Lice may be seen on the clothing, particularly in the seams.


Bathing and putting on new clothes is curative. The old clothes should simply be discarded. Topical steroids may be given for the itch until the rash subsides. Improved personal hygiene may be necessary to prevent recurrence.

Additional Pictures

Pediculosis corporis Pediculosis corporis Pediculosis corporis.  the louse Pediculosis humanis


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