Pants paresthesia syndrome (PPS) is a recently described syndrome in which patients, usually adult, white men, experience itching, tingling, burning and/or formication of the lower extremities and particularly the inner thighs. It seems to be triggered by wearing clothing made of anything but cotton. Patch testing is negative. Neurologic examination is normal.


The patient experiences itching, tingling, burning, and/or formication of the lower extremities and particularly the inner thighs.


Some suggest having the patient wear well-washed jeans or other 100% cotton pants for a month. Another patient had success wearing only nylon and woven silk. Each patient must be very aware of what material causes symptoms. A topical steroid spray or a non-sedating antihistamine may help. Women may wear dresses. An over-the-counter anti-itch spray containing pramoxine may help.


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