By Gary M. White, MD

Ofuji's disease is an uncommon acneiform inflammatory condition that typically affects Japanese adults. OD falls under the category of eosinophilic pustular folliculitis (EPF) which has been divided into three types.

This condition is different from Papuloerythroderma of Ofuji (with the characteristic deck chair sign).


The typical lesion is an erythematous area or plaque with small papules and/or sterile follicular pustules. It often takes on an acneiform or rosacea-like appearance on the face. It is typical on the face and trunk.


Oral indomethacin has been accepted as a first-line treatment in EPF [Dermatology 2015;230:87-92].


A 30‐year‐old Japanese woman in the 10th week of her first pregnancy presented with a 5‐week history of pruritic eruptions. Topical steroid was ineffective. Physical examination revealed many pustules on coalescent, erythematous plaques on the edematous face. A number of papules and pustules were disseminated on the trunk, arms and legs without tendency to coalesce. J Dermatol. 2016 Feb; 43(2): 218–219

A 56-year-old man who underwent kidney transplantation 18 years ago presented with multiple papules on cheeks. Ann Dermatol. 2014 Aug; 26(4): 520–521.

JAAD December 2013;Volume 69, Issue 6, Pages e312–e314


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