By Gary M. White, MD

nevus depigmentosus

The nevus depigmentosus (ND) is an area of nonprogressive hypopigmented macule or patch that is stable in relative size and distribution throughout life.


The ND presents as a small patch or segmental area of uniform hypopigmentation (but not depigmentation) with a sharp border in a young child. The most commonly affected sites are the back and buttocks. Wood's light accentuates the lesion. If the lesion has an abrupt demarcation at the midline, consider segmental pigmentation disorder.

Differential Diagnosis

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No treatment is needed. Protection from the sun should be recommended. The 308-nm excimer laser has been used with benefit [JAAD 2016;75;626E].

Additional Pictures

nevus depigmentosus nevus depigmentosus

nevus depigmentosus nevus depigmentosus

Courtesy O. Dale Collins, MD
nevus depigmentosus


Nevus depigmentosus with unilateral bluish sclera, a rare entity. Indian Dermatol Online J 2015;6:358-9


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