Mycobacterium abscessus may rarely cause an infection of the palms and soles in children causing inflammatory, painful nodules.


Multiple inflammatory nodules on the palms and soles of children who have swam in a contaminated pool is characteristic. Pseudomonas infection can appear very similarly, but has a much faster onset of action, 2-5 days.

The differential diagnosis also includes palmoplantar hidradenitis.


Clarithromycin oral for 4-8 weeks is effective.


Pediatric Dermatology Vol. 31 No. 3 292–297, 2014

A 45-year-old man with a painful nodule on his left sole that had appeared four weeks after he had undergone acupuncture including the soles to alleviate chronic back pain. The skin lesion on his left sole developed after a few weeks of receiving acupuncture [Ann Dermatol. 2014 Feb; 26(1): 92–95].


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