Courtesy Michael O. Murphy, MD
Monsel's tattoo

Monsel's solution is excellent for hemostasis, and does not retard epidermal regeneration, but occasionally, it can tattoo the skin. Aluminum chloride never tattoos, but is less effective at hemostasis. Of note, Monsel's tattoos are radio opaque.


In one report, cryotherapy (two cycles with 15 second thaw time) accelerated clearing more than Nd:YAG laser [Arch Derm 2007:143:1452]. See below.

Additional Pictures

Recurrent Nevus with Monsel's tattoo in background.
Recurrent Nevus with Monsel's tattoo in background


Cryotherapy resolving Monsel's tattoo after 4 sessions. JAAD Case Reports May 2015 Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 136–137


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