This woman developed these brown macules on the lips three months after being on minocycline 100 mg BID.
Minocycline melanosis of the lips

Minocycline melanosis is hyperpigmentation of skin caused by stimulation of epidermal melanocytes by minocycline. It is distinctly different from minocycline pigmentation in which blue spots appear representing dermal deposition of a complex of minocycline and iron.


Hyperpigmented macules or patches appear on the lips and tongue [AD 1995;131;620 and AD 2000;136;427], or on the nails in the form of longitudinal melanonychia. The discoloration may appear rapidly, e.g. weeks to months after starting the minocycline.


The pigmentation has been reported to fade rapidly after stopping the minocycline.

Additional Pictures

Minocycline melanosis of the lips

Minocycline-induced melanosis of the tongue.
Minocycline melanosis of the tongue Minocycline melanosis of the tongue


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