By Gary M. White, MD


A milia is a tiny epidermal inclusion cyst. It is very common on the faces of women--but not so much men.


The classic milia present as 1-2 mm white dots on the face--usually of a woman. Some patients may have multiple lesions, particularly about the eyes. Milia may occur virtually anywhere (e.g. vulva).

Milia may present in various other clinical situations. See here.


Milia may be ignored and will often "pop out" after several months. Some however, may last for years. They may be simply removed by the use of a 19 gauge needle. After cleansing the area with alcohol, the needle is inserted just under the lesion. Small movements to either side and then directly up usually loosen the milium. The blunt end of a curette is helpful in fully removing the lesion. Aluminum chloride may then be applied to stop the bleeding.

Additional Pictures

Milia Milia

Many milia in an older woman.
Milia Milia

A #19 gauge needle is very useful for removing a milia.
Milia Milia Milia

Milia after injury to an arm.

Milia in epidermolysis bullosa.

Milia en plaque
Milia Milia


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