Lymphocytoma cutis, aka pseudolymphoma

Lymphocytoma cutis (aka pseudolymphoma) is a dermal collection of lymphocytes and other inflammatory cells. The key initial intervention is to exclude malignancy, e.g. leukemia or lymphoma cutis. There are reports of lymphocytoma cutis eventuating into a B-cell lymphoma. In some cases, particularly in Europe, Borrelia has been associated. Various drugs have been reported to stimulate lesions that mimic lymphoma, so called drug-induced pseudolymphoma. See also pseudolymphoma of the lip.


A 0.5 -2 cm, asymptomatic, erythematous to plum-colored papule or nodule is characteristic. They may occur virtually anywhere with a special predilection for the ear lobes. A miliary type occurs. A skin biopsy, CBC and lymph node exam are reasonable to help exclude malignancy.


Therapy need not be done, as spontaneous resolution may occur. If desired, intralesional triamcinolone (e.g. 5-10 mg/cc) is usually quite effective and should be first line therapy. Cryotherapy has also been used.

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Lymphocytoma cutis, aka pseudolymphoma Lymphocytoma cutis, aka pseudolymphoma Lymphocytoma cutis, aka pseudolymphoma Lymphocytoma cutis, aka pseudolymphoma


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