Lymphangioma cirucumscriptum of the scrotum

This dilatation of the lymphatic channels may occur in the groin. Surgery and radiation therapy for cervical neoplasia, tuberculous inguinal lymphadenitis, twin pregnancy [JEADV 2016;30;147], filiariasis, and Crohn's disease are are associated and/or precipitating conditions. In some cases, no obvious cause may be found.

For a related condition, see verrucous edema of the groin


Multiple, clear, fluid filled vesicles may develop bilaterally on the vulva or scrotum, secondary to impaired lymphatic drainage. Warty lesions mimicking condyloma may occur [BJD 1993;129;334].

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Lymphangioma cirucumscriptum of the scrotum


Two cases of acquired lymphangioma of the vulva Case Rep Dermatol Med. 2013; 2013: 967890.

Lymphangioma cirucumscriptum of the scrotum. NEJM Images in Clinical Medicine


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