By Gary M. White, MD

Lupus pernio

Lupus pernio is a subtype of sarcoidosis where the central face--especially the nose and prominences of the cheeks--are affected. Lesions on other acral areas may occur.


Red, smooth papules and plaques on the nose and other acral areas, such as the ears, fingers and toes occur. Very large nodules may rarely develop [Dermatology 1999;199;265-267].


The standard systemic therapies for sarcoidosis would of course be helpful. A medium to high potency topical steroid with close follow up may be tried. Intralesional triamcinolone, e.g. 5 mg/cc monthly times 3 can be done. The CO2 laser may debulk nicely. Standard surgical excision may be performed for large lesions.


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