By Gary M. White, MD

Linear porokeratosis is a variant of porokeratosis in which linear areas of the skin are involved with sharply demarcated hyperkeratotic annular lesions with distinct keratotic edges that correspond histologically to the presence of cornoid lamella.


A linear lesion made up of circular, oval or linear ridges is characteristic of linear porokeratosis. The extremity of a child or young adult is most commonly affected. Both limited and generalized presentations may occur. SCC and other malignancies have developed in these lesions although this is rare.


No treatment needs to be done but excision, curettage and electrodessication, CO2 laser, topical fluorouracil, and dermabrasion have been performed. Long term etretinate was successful in one patient with generalized LP. The pulsed dye laser (585 nm) cleared one case after 6 treatments [Cutis 1999;63;265]. It was felt that clearing the increased vasculature was part of the reason for success. One case of linear porokeratosis cleared completely with treatment by topical tacrolimus [JAMADerm 2014;150(2):194-196].


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