By Gary M. White, MD

Keratosis lichenoides chronica, Nekam's disease Photograph courtesy of Gerald Weinstein, MD.

Keratosis lichenoides chronica (KLC), AKA Nekam's disease, is a very rare disorder characterized by a papular eruption taking on linear and reticulate shapes.


Violaceous, lichenoid, hyperkeratotic, linear bands, often in a reticulated pattern. It is usually more prominent on the extremities and tends not to be pruritic. Many but not all patients have a seborrheic dermatitis-like eruption of the scalp. The course is chronic. One case thought to be KLC clinically turned out to be CTCL [BJD 1998;138;1067]. It is important to exclude lichen planus, lichen simplex chronic, and lupus among others. Some have proposed that KLC is merely a curious morphologic manifestation of some of the above conditions.


Some patients have responded well to PUVA. Oral retinoids have also had some success. Calcipotriol once daily for 4 months resulted in marked clinical improvement in one patient.

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Keratosis lichenoides chronica, Nekam's disease Keratosis lichenoides chronica, Nekam's disease


Dermatology Online Journal 11(2)


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