By Gary M. White, MD

Infantile garment bands (IGB) is a post-traumatic phenomenon associated with tight socks and/or mittens. Linear, inflammatory and/or hyperpigmented lesions occur about the ankles (or wrists) at the sock line. It is entirely benign and self limited. The wearing of tight garments should be avoided.


A small child presents with acquired, linear circumferential or partially circumferential red, inflamed or hyperpigmentation lesions on the calf or ankle. Single or multiple, unilateral or bilateral raised, as well as atrophic, cases have been described, and blistering may be seen in the acute phase. Less commonly the arms/wrists may be involved.


The wearing of tight socks, mittens and/or other garments should be avoided. The skin changes resolve spontaneously.


A 6-week-old boy with linear eruptions on his left calf. He was an otherwise healthy infant born at term. The day before admission his parents had noted a red streak on his leg. The boy appeared to have age-appropriate growth and development. Routine blood tests and skin culture were normal. Acta Derm Venereol 2014; 94: 125–128


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