By Gary M. White, MD

Infatile digital fibromatosis Courtesy O. Dale Collins, MD

Infantile digital fibromatosis (IDF) is a benign condition of infants in which fibrous nodules develop on the fingers and/or toes.


One or more firm nodules develop on the infant's fingers and/or toes. Diagnosis may be confirmed with a biopsy. The thumb and great toes are typically spared. There is initial rapid growth, then slow involution. Occasionally, they be grow to be large multi nodular lesions, distorting the normal anatomy [Indian J Dermatol 2016;61:222-4].


The preferred treatment is observation since the nodules slowly involute, usually without scarring. The lesions may recur after surgical excision but metastasis does not occur.


Actas Dermosifiliogr.2005;96:325-7 - Vol. 96 Núm.5


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