Hypopigmentation several months after steroid injection of the elbow.
Hypopigmentation of the Skin Following Steroid Injection

Hypopigmentation may occur at the site of steroid injection and/or along the draining lymphatics of a site injected with corticosteroid crystal suspension. Lesions initially injected may range from a joint, a hypertrophic scar, alopecia areata, psoriasis, ganglion cyst, or a corn.


The hypopigmentation occurs at or near the site of injection often along with atrophy. It may extend as a linear, streaky and following the draining lymphatics. It typically occurs several weeks to months after the injection. Easy bruising may also occur at the site.


Spontaneous resolution often occurs after several months.

Additional Pictures

Circular hypopigmentation and atrophy.
Hypopigmentation of the Skin Following Steroid Injection


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