Hyperkeratosis of the Heel


Hyperkeratosis beginning laterally with potential progression to cover the entire heel is common in middle-aged patients. Some have ascribed as causative faulty walking technique, pressure and ill-fitting shoes. One study showed a high percentage in obese patients. In the past, the term Keratoderma Climactericum has been used, but I find that men and women are both affected, and women may be affected before menopause.


40% urea cream QD-BID works very well (e.g. OTC as RevitaDerm on Amazon.com). It can work in just a few weeks. Keratolytics such as OTC ammonium lactate 12% lotion or 20% urea containing cream QD-BID for 2-3 months are alternatives. Some patients get relief by mechanically filing or paring Q1-2 weeks.

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Hyperkeratosis of the Heel

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