By Gary M. White, MD

A nasal glioma.
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Heterotypic brain tissue (HBT) is the congenital presence of ectopic brain tissue (glial tissue and meninges) and lacking an intracranial connection. The term rudimentary cephalocele is also used.


A congenital 1-4 cm cystic or solid mass on the scalp, nose (i.e., nasal glioma), or periorbital area is characteristic. If located on the scalp, the hair may be absent, normal or found only at the periphery (hair collar sign). The hair collar sign has also been seen with meningoceles and encephaloceles. Lesions have occurred in the soft palate, tongue, lung and chest wall. A cystic form which drained clear fluid has been reported.


A newborn baby girl had a swelling of the sacrococcygeal region. She had no other congenital anomalies and neurological deficit. Physical examination revealed a soft to solid oval mobile mass occupying the coccygeal, bilateral gluteal and intergluteal fold that measured 15 × 10 cm size. [J Surg Case Rep. 2016 May; 2016(5)]

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A hair collar may overly heterotropic brain tissue.
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