By Gary M. White, MD

Grover'’s disease Typical excoriated papules on the abdomen of a woman who does hot yoga.

Grover'’s disease is a type of "heat rash" associated with increased sweating that occurs most often in the winter. It seems to be a type of eczema aggravated by sweat sitting on the skin. Women may develop it at menopause as a result of hot flashes. One study showed it to be commonly associated with hospitalized patients on strict bed rest with abundant sweating [Dermatology 1999;199;410]. In the past, it was thought to be associated with malignancy, but this is not true.


Discrete, pruritic, crusted papules and papulovesicles in a middle-aged or elderly person is characteristic. The rash is usually symmetric across the lower chest with an increased involvement just below the breasts in both men and women. Though usually transient (weeks to months), the disease may last years. A TAD-like rash has resulted from interleukin-4 administration.


The patient should always be asked about increased sweating, particularly at night. Any such sweating should be avoided. Not using the comforter, throwing off blankets, turning on the air conditioner, or buying a ceiling fan may help. If the patient exercises and sweats, s/he should shower off right after. A topical steroid, e.g., fluocinonide cream BID x 3-7 days prn is very helpful for relieving the itch. Dapsone, UVB, and isotretinoin have been useful but are rarely needed.

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Grover'’s disease Grover'’s disease


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