By Gary M. White, MD

Friction blister of the skin A painful blister from walking a mile in the wrong kind of shoe.

A friction blister is a blister of the skin that forms from lateral shear forces, e.g. from walking.


A bulla on the foot or toes may occur secondary to excessive friction. Separation usually occurs just below the granular layer.


Existing blisters will heal without treatment. If the patientÂ’'s feet sweat excessively, contributing to the problem (wet skin creates more friction) 20% aluminum chloride hexahydrate (e.g. Drysol) QHS for 7 days then tapered to 3-4/week can reduce sweating enough to prevent blisters in many patients. The medication should be applied to the entire foot and ankle--where ever the shoe or boot causes friction on the skin.

Additional Pictures

New boots.
Friction blister of the skin


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