By Gary M. White, MD

Fordyce spots

Fordyce spots represent ectopic sebaceous glands and are usually an incidental finding requiring no treatment. They have been reported to disappear during isotretinoin therapy and then reappear after discontinued use [Peds Derm 2014 Jan-Feb]. They may occur on the nipples and penis as well.


Multiple pinpoint, yellow papules on the lips or buccal mucosa are characteristic. Meffert's sign is a lipstick-like mark left on the rim of a glass mug after consuming a hot beverage.


No treatment is needed. The patient should be reassured that the lesions are neither dangerous, nor contagious. They are totally benign. CO2 laser, electrodesicction and curettage and PDT have been reportedly used treatment options. The lesions disappear during isotretinoin therapy, but then recur after stopping. Topical 100% dichloroacetic acid has been used [Dermatologic Surgery 34.3 (2008): 397-399.].

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Fordyce spots


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