By Gary M. White, MD

The Faun-tail nevus presents as an abnormal lumbosacral hypertrischosis and may be associated with spinal dysrasphism.


Congenital hypertrichosis of the low back is seen.


Exclusion of any spinal dysraphism is important. CT scan or other imaging may be indicated. Laser, e.g. the Alexandrite laser can be used for permanent hair removal.


The longest faun tail forming dreadlocks with underlying spina bifida occulta. Dermatology Online Journal 19(4)

Nice picture of a 13-year-old girl with excessive hair growth over the low back since birth. CT scan showed spina bifida of L2 to L5 vertebrae and diastometamyelia at L3 - L4 illustrating the importance of imaging in these cases. Indian Dermatol Online J 2011;2:23-4


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