By Gary M. White, MD

En coup de sabre

A linear, indurated depression running vertically just to one side of the midline in the frontoparietal region of the scalp is characteristic of en coup de sabre, a variant of morphea.


The alopetic area may extend to the scalp causing an alopetic streak, or it may spread downward to involve the nose, lips, and chin. Rarely, two or even three lines may be present. Extensive lesions may be associated with underlying ocular and central nervous system involvement. For example, seizures or brain calcifications, and ocular changes such as uveitis or episcleritis may occur. Patients may require screening even in the absence of symptoms. For a related condition on the face, see Parry-Romberg Facial Hemiatrophy.


See morphea in a child.

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En coup de sabre


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