By Gary M. White, MD

The eccrine nevus (EN) is a congenital or infantile-onset, skin-colored plaque that sweats.


A congenital or infantile-onset, skin-colored plaque that sweats is characteristic. The EN is most common on the forearms but also the hands, fingers, trunk, back, forehead, and legs.


One patient was successfully treated with once-daily application of a topical antimuscarinic agent, 4% glycopyrrolate pads (Secure, PurePharm, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada) [PD Sept 2014;31;611].


Eccrine nevus on the right lower forearm successfully controlled with topical glycopyrrolate wipes (here shown with starch iodine test). PD 2014;Sept

Sharply defined red area on the neck. Dermatology Online Journal 20(10)


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