By Gary M. White, MD

Note, this is a brief summary only. More complete information and recent studies should be consulted before prescribing.

Eucrisa (Anacor Pharmaceuticals, 2% crisaborole ointment) is FDA-approved to treat mild to moderate eczema in patients two-years-of-age and older. It is applied twice daily and may be applied to any skin including the face.

Crisaborole is a small compound that effectively penetrates the skin to inhibit PDE4. Phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) is a key regulator of inflammatory cytokine production in AD. PDE4 activity is increased in circulating inflammatory cells of patients with AD and the inhibition of PDE4 in monocytes in vitro has demonstrated reduction in the release of proinflammatory cytokines.

Clinical Practice

Crisaborole competes in the same arena as the calcineuron inhibitors, pimecrolimus and tacrolimus. Crisaborole competes well with TCIs if you look at percent of patients with AD who are clear or almost clear. It also seems to have fewer side effects (e.g. skin burning or itch) compared with the TCIs.


1 year safety data is available and favorable.


JAAD 2016;75;494–503


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