By Gary M. White, MD

Clear Cell Acanthoma

A juicy red papule on the leg. Can you see the faint white stria?

The clear cell acanthoma (CCA) is a benign lesion of the skin whose surface has a "moist" appearance. CCAs may develop in a psoriatic plaques. The histologic features are quite similar and some have suggested that CCA is more inflammatory than neoplastic in origin.


A solitary red, moist papule or plaque on the leg and especially the calf is characteristic. Multiple [AD 1987;123;1670] (in one report 400) or giant lesions may occur.


No treatment is needed. Simple excision or destruction may be performed. Neither malignant transformation nor spontaneous resolution have yet been reported to occur.

Additional Photos

Clear Cell Acanthoma Clear Cell Acanthoma


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