By Gary M. White, MD

Localized Bullous Pemphigoid Blisters here are localized around the umbilicus.

Rarely, bullous pemphigoid (BP) may occur localized to one area, e.g., the pretibial area, umbilicus, palmoplantar region, and genital, perineal, and perianal area. Or, it may be confined to sites previously affected by, for example, radiotherapy, surgery, trauma, and burns, as well as around stomata and hemodialysis fistulae. Localized lesions may remain localized or evolve into classic BP.

See progression of the lesion above here.


Localized tense bulla and erosions from ruptured blisters are seen. The diagnosis, just as with classic bullous pemphigoid, is by biopsy and immunofluorescence.


A potent topical steroid is often sufficient. See also bullous pemphigoid.

Additional Pictures

The pretibial location is very common for localized BP.
Bullous pemphigoid localized to the shins Bullous pemphigoid localized to the shins


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