By Gary M. White, MD

bites on the skin from bird mites Multiple itchy bites present for 4 days on the lower left abdomen of a woman.

The bite of bird mites can cause itchy red bumps, commonly in the axilla and groin.


One patient of mine experienced the acute onset of fifty to seventy 3-4 mm juicy red papules distributed symmetrically in the axilla and inner thighs. A bird's nest had been discovered in the eves the day before. A 1 mm black insect was brought in. Biopsy confirmed bites. Removing the nest, vacuuming the house, and a prednisone taper solved the problem.


Remove any old nests or dead birds. Topical, and in severe cases oral, steroids are in order.

Additional Pictures

Multiple itchy bites in the axilla and groin of another patient.

Bird mite bites Bird mite bites Bird mite bites Bird mite bites

A close up of grouped bites on the flank.
bites on the skin from bird mites


Indian J Dermatol 2015;60:312-3


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