B-Cell Lymphoma
Baboon Syndrome
Bacillary Angiomatosis
Bacterial Folliculitis
Balanitis Plasmocellularis
Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans
Balicatib Induration
Banana Syndrome
Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba Syndrome
Bap1 Cancer Syndrome
Bart's Syndrome
Basal Cell Carcinoma: Classic | Cystic | Large | Linear | Pigmented | Unusual Sites Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome
Basaloid Follicular Hamartoma
Basosquamous Cell Carcinoma
Bathing Suit Ichthyosis
Bazex Syndrome
Bazex Dupré Christol Syndrome
Beau's Lines
Becker's Nevus
Bed Bugs
Bednar Tumor
Behcet's Syndrome
Benign Cephalic Histiocytosis
Benign Lichenoid Keratosis
Bier Spots
Biotin Deficiency
Bird Mites
Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome
Bite Reaction
Bjornstad Syndrome
Black Dermographism
Black Hairy Tongue
Black-Spot Poison Ivy
Blastomycosis-Like Pyoderma
Blau Syndrome
Bleomycin-Induced Flagellate Dermatitis
Blistering Distal Dactylitis
Blood Blister
Blue Nevus: Classic, Malignant
Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome
Blue Underwear
Blueberry Muffin Baby
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Bowel-Associated Dermatitis Arthritis Syndrome
Bowenoid Actinic Keratosis
Bowenoid Papulosis
Bowen's Disease
Brachioradial Pruritus
Breast Cancer
Brenner Sign
Brittle Nails
Bronze Baby Syndrome
Brooke-Spiegler Syndrome
Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Brunsting-Perry Pemphigoid
Bubble Hair
Bug Bites
Bullous Dermolysis of the Newborn
Bullous Drug Eruption
Bullous Impetigo
Bullous Mastocytosis
Bullous Pemphigoid: Classic | Childhood | Localized
Bullous Tinea
Burning Mouth Syndrome
Buruli Ulcer
Buschke-Lowenstein Tumor
Buschke-Ollendorff Syndrome
Bywaters lesion


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