By Gary M. White, MD

Apocrine Hidrocystoma

The apocrine hidrocystoma (AH) is a benign, cystic lesion of the skin derived from the apocrine glands.


A solitary flesh-colored to bluish cystic lesion about the eyes is characteristic. Some apocrine hidrocystomas are so darkly blue-black that they are misdiagnosed as a pigmented lesion. Multiple lesions of the face may rarely occur [Indian J Dermatol 2016;61:237].

In one histologic study of 22 specimens, no eccrine glands were found on the eyelid margin. Thus, any cystic lesion/hidrocystoma on the eyelid margin is apocrine, not eccrine.


Simple excision or curettage may be done.

Additional Photos

Single large apocrine hidrocystoma of the axilla and its dark fluid upon rupture.
Apocrine Hidrocystoma of the Axilla Apocrine Hidrocystoma fluid contents

Multiple Apocrine Hidrocystomas Multiple Apocrine Hidrocystoma

Apocrine Hidrocystoma Apocrine Hidrocystoma of the Breast


A 16-year-old teen with a lesion on the penis. Acta Dermato-Venereologica 2015;95;367


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