This is the contents of an apocrine hidrocystoma that spilled on the surgical drapes.
Apocrine Chromhidrosis


Blue-black, yellow, or green sweat occurs in apocrine chromhidrosis. Facial involvement is usually seen in Caucasians. Axillary involvement is more common in blacks. There may be yellow, green, or black staining of clothing where it covers the axilla. In some patients, colored sweat may be manually expressed from an axillary fold of skin. Both clothes and skin biopsy autofluoresce yellow. Rarely, the areola may be involved [PD 1995;12;48].

For a related condition, see green sweat under green.


Capsacian QD-BID has been helpful for the colored sweat of the cheeks [JAAD 1989;21;418] as has 20 percent aluminum chloride hexahydrate solution. Botulinum toxin type A has been shown to be effective for facial chromhidrosis.


Blue secretions on bilateral malar cheeks. Dermatology Online Journal 18(3)

Orangish-red discoloration of clothing. Dermatology Online Journal 21(3)


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