Angioma Serpiginosa A larger angioma serpiginosa on the arm of a teenage girl.

This entity has been defined as a progressive nevoid dilatation of superficial dermal vessels, but there seems to be a lack of consensus on the clinical features. This condition is acquired, usually in the teenage years. In contrast to the name, the lesions are often not serpiginous.


Numerous punctate erythematous or dark red lesions are noted. They may resemble purpura (but are not). Diascopy does not blanch the lesions. Epiluminescent microscopy may show irregularly shaped red blotches or lagoons.


No treatment is needed.

Additional Pictures

Angioma Serpiginosa Angioma Serpiginosa

Angioma Serpiginosa picture here


Punctate red spots on the hand and distal arm in a 13 year old girl. Dermoscopy is also shown. Dermatology Online Journal 21(2)

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