Thickened, hypertrophic nails.
Aging Nails

It is very common for the nails to become dystrophic as the person ages. The nails may thicken, becoming hypertrophic, with onychogryphosis at the extreme. Alternatively, the nails may thin and become brittle as the person ages. Ridges form, splits occur and the free edge of the nail often splits (onychoschizia).


Keeping the nail trimmed short helps. For onychoschizia, some patients find value in applying super glue (e.g., Krazy Glue) to the distal end of any affected nail every 1-2 weeks. For treatment of brittle nails, see brittle nails.

Additional Pictures

Longitudinal ridges.
Aging Nails: Ridges

Splitting of the nail.
Aging Nails: Splitting

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